Welcome to Menaville Resort
As Menaville Resort is always keeping the intention to upgrade the standard of its services and keep up with the worldwide qualifications for a competitive rank as a tourist destination. So, since 2005 Menaville turned to CRISTAL, UK based company specialized in Food and Water Hygiene, with a worldwide risk management system, for help to achieve this target. CRISTAL system works to establish whether the hotel following the correct methods with regards to control procedures for food and water safety. This kind of audit is based on quantitative analysis that provides a numerical value indicating the degree of compliance with the system (about 250 different point of check).

Now Menaville Resort is listed in the company web site: www.checksafetyfirst.com. Just click on this link: http://www.checksafetyfirst.com/en/hotel.php?Id_Hot=906 

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